14th June 2013 – Feeding the Ferrets

The official tally of young ferrets this year is thirty-one from four jills –  one litter numbered thirteen which is probably one of the largest I’ve seen. As the kits grow, the appetite of their milk producing mothers becomes insatiable and at the point when the kits start eating solids as well, it is a job to keep up with the demand for meat. Not everyone feeds flesh, but that’s what ferrets are designed to eat and if you want healthy well grown young, feeding them on whole animals, in fur and feather is essential.

Soon each ferret family will be eating a whole rabbit, or the equivalent daily and regular early morning excursions with the gun have become a necessity. Friends help out as well from time to time and there can’t be many people who are left dead creatures hanging from their door handle and are actually grateful!

Ferret Food!

Most of the veg is planted out now and we enter the satisfying season of hoeing and watching the plants romp away.

Little Gem Letuce

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