Mike’s Foraging Adventure

To prove that living off the land isn’t just a nice idea in 2009 Michael undertook the challenge of a lifetime, walking from St.David’s, Wales back home to Kent (a journey of well over 300miles) living solely on wild foraged food.  Travelling up to 25 miles a day, Michael walked with his friend Chris through the changing landscape finding food in diverse habitats.  The rules were very simple: no crops, no handouts, no pilfering and no (or very little!) trespassing.  With such strict criteria, Michael took advantage of every opportunity, dining on a huge variety of plants, fungi and animals.  Look in the gallery below to see some of his meals…things not to miss include a regurgitated trout stolen from a cormorant,  crispy fried hedgehog and a plump chaffinch (please don’t call the RSPCA – they were already dead!).  Michael and Chris arrived home fit and healthy (if a little thinner) in 21 days, looking forward to cream tea and cakes.








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