Catch it, Kill it, Eat it Experience

For many who enjoy eating meat, the idea of being able to kill and prepare their own food is an ambition which is hard to accomplish.  This is a rare opportunity to spent a day in stunning countryside taking wild quarry all the way from the hedgerow to the dinner plate.


Weekdays £100 per person

Weekends and Bank Holidays £110 per person

Duration:  Full Day Experience 9am – 4pm

Experience includes:

  • Brief introduction to ferreting, use of nets, ferret handling, humane dispatch of rabbits etc.
  • Morning spent ferreting for rabbits using nets
  • Rabbit paunching (gutting)
  • Home cooked lunch
  • Rabbit skinning
  • Rabbit jointing/boning
  • Cooking rabbit over an open fire and eating

Age: Not suitable for children. This course is not suitable for children.  For the same experience specifically for children with accompanying adult click here 

Maximum participants:  4

Dates Available:

  • Saturday 2nd November 2019 (FULL)
  • Friday 8th November 2019
  • Saturday 14th December 2019 (FULL)
  • Sunday 15th December 2019 (FULL)
  • Saturday 16th November 2019(FULL)
  • Friday 6th November 2020
  • Saturday 7th November 2020 (FULL)
  • Sunday 22nd November 2020 (FULL)
  • Sunday 13th December 2020
  • Sunday 20th December 2020


If you are interested in this experience click here to contact us for booking or just for more information.

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