Country Kids

The concept is simple – to allow parents and children an opportunity to experience a range of wholesome and engaging rural activities together under the guidance of an expert.  The focus is on the children, with parents alongside to assist and join in the fun with their own kids.

Kids' Elderflower Cordial Making

Children love to be outside so why not join us in early summer with your child and share with them the magic of foraging for elderflowers in the open countryside and transforming them into a refreshing cordial which they’ll love.

Kids' Autumn Foraging Experience

Children love good food and being outside so make natural little foragers. Join us with your child for a morning exploring and sampling some of autumn’s wild bounty, then finish up with roast chestnuts round the fire.

Kids' Game Preparation and Cooking

Understanding where food comes from is a vital part of any child’s upbringing. Join us with your child for a morning and help them turn a whole furred rabbit into lunch!

Kids' Apple Pressing Experience

You haven’t tasted real apple juice until you crush your own apples and swig it straight from the press. Join us with your child on an Autumn morning and share the magic of gathering ripe apples and transforming them into stunning juice.

Kids' Ferreting Experience

Ferreting is the perfect experience for children who love the countryside and field sports. It offers all the thrill of hunting but without any of the concern over guns or dangerous equipment. Join us with your child for a morning and help them try their hand at catching rabbits with just a ferret and nets.

Kids' Catch it, Kill it, Eat it Expeience

This is the ultimate experience for any child who loves the idea of catching their own meat and cooking it over an open fire. Join us with your child to experience the whole process: ferreting with nets for rabbits, humane dispatch, skinning and cooking them over a camp fire.


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