Our range of experiences offer participants the opportunity to get involved in a variety of authentic country pursuits under the guidance of an expert.  There is an element of tuition with plenty of opportunity for discussion and learning, but the emphasis is on getting stuck into the action!

Foraging Walks

An affordable introduction to foraging. Stretch your legs around some breathtaking countryside and learn the secrets of her wild larder. Familiarise with some of the hundreds of wild plants and fungi that rural Kent has to offer.

Sloe Gin Making

Join us to collect ripe sloes amidst the glorious autumnal countryside, then use them to create your own hand crafted sloe gin.

Elderflower Cordial Making

Join us at one of the most enchanting times of year to gather bundles of creamy white elderflowers and transform them into sublimely refreshing elderflower cordial.

Blackberry Cordial Making

Join us to harvest one nature’s bounty and transform the humble blackberry into a rich fruity cordial love by everyone. Preserved this way, you can enjoy the goodness of this wild superfood all year round in drinks, lollies, ice creams, sauces …

Rabbit Shooting Over Ferrets

Spend a day in stunning countryside enjoying one of our most exciting forms of game shooting. Almost forgotten in modern times, this is a unique opportunity to experience an ethical and sustainable form of live quarry shooting which will test you snap shooting abilities to the limit.


Spend a day amongst the fields and hedgerows practising one of the most traditional and satisfying field sports there is. Steeped in the romance of a bygone age, ferreting is a chance to escape it all and get back to basics with only a few nets and a ferret to catch rabbits, a truly wild quarry.

Lamping for Rabbits

Lamping for rabbits is an exciting, fast moving form of live quarry shooting which very few people get the chance to experience. This is a unique opportunity to spend an evening shooting rabbits with a rifle and spot light from a 4 x 4 vehicle.

Catch it, Kill it, Eat it

For many who enjoy eating meat, the idea of being able to kill and prepare their own food is an ambition which is hard to accomplish. This is a rare opportunity to spent a day in stunning countryside taking wild quarry all the way from the hedgerow to the dinner plate.

Hunter Gatherer Experience

Do it all in a day! Prepare your own wild game, forage for ingredients among the woods and hedgerows and bring them together to a create an unforgettable meal using primitive cooking techniques.


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