Hunter Gatherer Experience

Do it all in a day! Prepare your own wild game, forage for ingredients among the woods and hedgerows and bring them together to a create an unforgettable meal using primitive cooking techniques.

Price:  £500 for a group up to 5 people. Additional group members (up to a maximum 0f 10 ) can be added at at a rate of  £75 each.

Duration:  Full Day Experience 9.30 am – 5.30 pm

Experience includes:

  • Brief introduction
  • Game preparation (skinning, plucking, jointing etc.)
  • Creating and cooking game in a primitive ground oven
  • Home cooked lunch
  • Foraging walk to gather wild ingredients
  • Crafting foraged drinks and cocktails using wild ingredients
  • Cooking over open fires
  • Communal meal bringing together game and foraged ingredients

This experience does not include the hunting of live animals, dead game is provided for the day.

Age:  This experience is not suitable for young children.  Older children may be able to attend under adult supervision.

Maximum participants:  10

Dates Available:

Available as a private group booking. Please contact us to arrange a convenient date.

If you are interested in this experience click here to contact us for booking or just for more information.

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