Lamping for Rabbits Experience

Lamping for rabbits is an exciting, fast moving form of live quarry shooting which very few people get the chance to experience.  This is a unique opportunity to spend an evening shooting rabbits with a rifle and spot light from a 4 x 4 vehicle.

Price:  £200 for the evening – 1 or 2 people may attend (2 people will share 1 rifle)

Duration:  Evening experience 4- 5 hours

Requirements:  This experience is best suited to those with some rifle shooting skills and experience.  Shooting in the dark from a vehicle is not easy and complete novices are likely to be frustrated.

Experience includes:

  • Gun familiarisation and target shooting session
  • Brief discussion around the principles of lamping and safe shooting over a drink and piece of homemade cake
  • 2 – 3 hours spent shooting with a 0.22 rimfire rifle from a 4×4 vehicle and using a spot light under immediate supervision from a rifle shooting and lamping expert.

Season: Late summer/autumn

Age:  18 years and over

Dates Available:

Please contact us to arrange a convenient date


If you are interested in this experience click here to contact us for booking or just for more information.

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