Rabbit Shooting Over Ferrets Experience

Spend a day in stunning countryside enjoying one of our most exciting forms of game shooting.  Almost  forgotten in modern times, this is a unique opportunity to experience an ethical and sustainable form of live quarry shooting which will test you snap shooting abilities to the limit.

Price: £300 for a weekday,  £350 for a weekend day –  one or two guns may attend

Duration:  Full Day Experience 10am to 4pm

Requirements:  Participants will need a UK shot gun licence, to provide explanation of previous shooting experience, shooting insurance, shotgun and cartridges (28g or 30g No.6 shot recommended) and be able to walk reasonable distances over country terrain.

Experience includes:

  • Brief discussion and safety talk over a hot drink and homemade cake
  • A full day spent with a guide/ferret handler shooting bolted rabbits flushed by ferrets
  • Home cooked lunch

Season: November  – February

Age:  This course is not suitable for children.

Dates Available:

Please contact us to arrange a convenient date.


If you are interested in this experience click here to contact us for booking or just for more information.

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