Kids’ Catch it, Kill it, Eat it Experience

This is the ultimate experience for any child who loves the idea of catching their own meat and cooking it over an open fire.  Join us with your child to experience the whole process: ferreting with nets for rabbits, humane dispatch, skinning and cooking them over a camp fire.

Price: This experience is only available as a private booking – £400 for up to 4 children  (with one or two accompanying adults)

About Country Kids:  The concept is simple – to allow parents and children an opportunity to experience a range of wholesome and engaging rural activities together under the guidance of an expert.  The focus is on the children, with parents alongside to assist and join in the fun with their own kids.

Duration:  Full Day Experience – 6 to 7 hours

Experience includes:

  • Brief discussion around catching, killing etc
  • Introduction to ferreting i.e. ferret handling, nets etc
  • Drink and homemade cake
  • Morning’s ferreting for wild rabbits
  • Home cooked Lunch
  • Rabbit Skinning and basic jointing
  • Preparing marinades
  • Cooking rabbit over open fire

N.B. We cannot guarantee that rabbits will be caught.  Spare rabbits will be available for skinning etc if needed

Maximum Number of Children: 4 children with accompanying adults

Age:  Children must be able to use a sharp knife and have sufficient strength for skinning, therefore the recommended age is 10 and above, but this experience may be suited to certain younger children

Dates Available:

If you are interested in this experience for children click here to contact us about booking or just for more information.

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