12th May 2013 – The Pink and the Blue

Everything is turning green. Trees are rushing into leaf and even the oak and ash are in too much of a hurry to make weather predictions!’ Oak before ash in for a splash, ash before oak in for a soak’ is how the old saying goes, but this year ‘Oak and ash together any weather’, would be more accurate and probably just as useful for deciding whether or not to water the seed beds.

Ash (foreground) and Oak (background)


The advent of May beckons us down to the old Bramley orchard to take in the pink blossom and then on to Bowling Ally Wood where the senses drown  in its silent sea of bluebells. Em and I have always taken this annual pilgrimage and now the tradition continues with our two children. Gabriel is more interested in sticks than flowers and Primrose more interested  in milk than either, and yet the scent is sweeter and the enchanting beauty more, simply for them being there.

Bramley blossom


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