Our range of courses offer participants the opportunity to learn a variety of authentic country skills from an expert.  They combine theoretical and hands on learning, culminating in an informative and thoroughly enjoyable day.

Wild Food and Foraging

Delve into the countryside’s wild larder with foraging expert Michael White. Learn the true meaning of seasonal food and discover gastronomic delights amongst the woods, hedgerows and pasturelands of rural Kent.

Bespoke Courses

From country wine-making to hedgelaying, bee-keeping to food smoking, with a bespoke course you can gain the skills that really interest you. Whether you are starting a small holding, newly moved to the countryside or just interested in learning a few country skills, there is something for absolutely everyone.

Hedgerow Wine Making Course

Spend a day in some idyllic Kent countryside foraging for ingredients and learning to make delicious homemade wine.

Cider Making Course

Celebrate Autumn’s bounty of apples and discover the secret of making homemade scrumpy from scratch.

Bee Keeping Course

If you like the idea of keeping bees but don’t know where to start this is the perfect course for you. Spend a day in beautiful surroundings learning the basics and getting hands on experience with bee keeping expert Michael White.

Sausage and Salami Making Course

Learn the skills that allow you to turn cheap cuts of pork into fantastic sausages and salamis. Make English bangers, French sausages and salami in a single day.

Food Smoking and Curing

Of all the culinary skills, smoking and home curing must be amongst the most satisfying.  Learn the fundamentals of the craft whilst getting hands on with cold smoking, hot smoking and meat curing all in a single day.


Be sure to familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions here before booking. All bookings constitute an agreement to these conditions. 


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