Native psychoactive mushrooms as medicine – [academic learning and identification]


A fascinating exploration into native ‘magic mushrooms’ as medicine. Covering folklore, their place in history, latest research and in the field Identification.

Please note that handling or possessing psilocybin containing mushrooms is illegal in the UK and Ireland! No illegal mushrooms will be picked, handled or consumed on this course. If you are looking to pick, or consume magic mushrooms, or to learn how to get ‘high’, you are in the wrong place and please do not book. If you have a respectful interest in understanding more about native psychoactive mushrooms and their potential for medicinal purposes, (should UK and Irish law change) and how to identify them, then this is a truly unique offering that you won’t want to miss.

Exciting new research looking at mushroom derived substances for the treatment of various mental health conditions, coupled with recent popular books and programmes, has brought ‘magic mushrooms’ into the mainstream consciousness. Legitimate interest in psychoactive fungi has never been so high and at the same time, there is a huge amount of confusing, misleading and sometimes dangerously inaccurate information circulating. As social and political attitudes change and fascination increases, it feels as if the time for a fact based course, looking at, and celebrating these extraordinary mushrooms has arrived!

Join expert mushroom forager and medicinal mushroom educator Michael White for an informative day exploring all aspects of psychoactive mushrooms including those growing in the UK. 

The day will include:

  • Discussion around different native psychoactive mushrooms
  • Their place in folklore and history
  • Active substances which they contain
  • Research relating to their medicinal potential
  • Research relating to their preparation and uses
  • Guided mushroom walk looking at their habits and ID features .
  • There will also be the opportunity forage for edible and other useful medicinal mushrooms.

What: Native psychoactive mushrooms as medicine – [academic learning and identification]  

Where: Rural Courses HQ, Cranbrook, Kent, UK


  • Sunday 3rd November 2024
  • Sunday 17th November 2024

Duration: 10.30am – 4.30pm 

How Much: Early Bird £130 / Full Price £150


For Secure online booking and Further information, please use the link below:

Native psychoactive mushrooms as medicine Booking and Information




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