Cider Making Course


Celebrate Autumn’s bounty of apples and discover the secret of making homemade scrumpy from scratch.

Price: Early Brid £120/Full Price £140

This price includes ingredients plus fermentation bucket, air lock and 10 litres of cider must to take home.

Duration:  10am to 4pm

A day course includes:

  • Discussion around the principles of making cider at home.
  • Gathering apples from the orchard
  • Hand scratting and pressing of apples
  • 10 litres of juice to take home for fermentation
  • Full instructions for home fermentation and bottling

Dates Available:

  • Friday 1st November 2024
  • Saturday 2nd November 2024


For secure online booing and further information, please use the link below:

Cider Course Booking and Information

Be sure to familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions here before booking. All bookings constitute an agreement to these conditions. 

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